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Similar to Greek and Roman theology, the Egyptians believed in a pantheon of gods that controlled various aspects of the natural world. Beliefs in the heavens and the afterlife were one of the most pivotal facets of Ancient Egyptian culture. Because of this, burial and preparation for the afterlife was extremely important, and the practice of mummification (one of the many things for which the culture is now famous) was prevalent. Richer Egyptians were often buried inside a coffin with their wealth and effigies to certain gods with the hopes that such things would aid them in the afterlife.
- Delve deep into hidden tombs beneath undiscovered pyramids and reveal the secrets of Ancient Egypt! This Toob includes Nefertiti, Bastet, King Tutankhamen, Isis, an amulet, a mummy case, a scarab, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Thoth, Anubis and a hieroglyph of Ra.


- Characteristics: You’ve journeyed for years looking for the amulet of Anubis, an artifact said to control the afterlife itself, only to have your research lead you to a secret antechamber underneath the Pyramids of Giza! Professionally designed and artfully hand painted, these figurines bring a forgotten world full of untold tales to the palm of your hand.
- The Ancient Egypt TOOB® is part of the TOOBS® collection
- All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


- Dimensions : 4 L x 4 W x 33 H
- Dimensions : 1.57 L x 1.57 W x 12.99 H

Safari toob - Ancient Egypt


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