Play counting games, learn about colours and shapes, and discover sorting activities for toddlers with this cute set of colourful dinos and eggs.

Teaches early maths skills, colour and shape recognition, sorting and matching.

Helps develop fine motor skills.

Crack open 5 brightly coloured eggs and find the cute dino babies hiding inside.

In addition to being cute, these dino babies double as finger puppets for fun games of prehistoric pretend.

Match the shapes on the bottom of the dinos to the ones inside the eggs, sort your new friends by warm and cool colours, design a counting activity, and more.

When playtime is over, dinos and eggs fit snugly in their plastic nest where they’ll be ready for more pop-apart toddler learning fun next time.

The 16-piece set includes 5 two-piece eggs, 5 baby dinosaurs and 1 nest.

Features multilingual packaging and guide.