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Bea’s Rumble Jungle is the second book in the Breathe with Bea series. This book is about kindness and how to deal with anger.

Bea is back again, with a new mindful breathing technique, to help her friends manage and control feelings of anger. Bea shows her buddies Slinky, Magoo and Lenny how to use affirmations, positive self- talk and gratitude, as well as how to spread kindness . The rhyming story, language and repetition along with the beautiful engaging illustrations appeal to young children and help reinforce the key messages, as well as developing their emotional literacy.

This book also includes a pack of four, ‘Mindful Me with Bea’ cards, which are designed to help children practice gratitude and learn to use their breath as a tool to relax, calm and focus. These are cards the whole family can enjoy! This is a book for everyone.

Beas jungle rumble

SKU: 9781399900669

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