‘Bea’s Polar Express SOS’ is the third book in the Breathe with Bea series. It is a book about empathy and dealing with sadness. Bea’s Best Pals find themselves in situations where they feel sad and lonely. All children can relate to these scenarios. Bea shows empathy and kindness towards her friends by providing a listening ear. She teaches her pals about the importance of communication and encourages them to open up about their problems. She also teaches them a new breathing trick to help them when big feelings and emotions come to visit. Breathing ‘Low and Slow’ promotes a sense of calm and composure, while thinking thankful thoughts increases positive emotions, optimism and happiness, all while empowering children to feel more resilient- it is a great habit to form!’

‘Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings!’ – Peter Pan

Beas polar express