A fun kitchen play set with all utencils needed for the little chef, all neatly packed in a stylish suitcase. The suitcase can be turned over and used as a hob as there are 2 hotplates. The play set includes 13 pieces and will for sure keep your little ones entertained for hours. With this set, little chef has everything need to cook any meal.

Includes in total 13 different pieces, all you need in the kitchen.

The perfect toy for the little chef.

Evoke interest in food and cooking.

The utencils works equally well in a real kitchen.

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Kitchen set with plenty of utensils in stainless steel that mom and dad would envy. The kitchen play set includes 13 parts:


1 suitcase

1 oven mitt

1 spaghetti server

1 whisk

1 spatula

1 slotted spoon

1 ladle

1 big pot with lid

1 small pot with lid

1 frying pan

1 colander

Bon appetit kitchen set