Build a super-cool snowman that never melts with special winter white glitter Playfoam.

Sculpt your snowman and then use the hat, scarf, eyes, carrot nose and buttons to accessorise.

Playing with Playfoam helps develop fine motor skills, and the bead-like texture makes it ideal for sensory play.

Playfoam encourages your child’s creativity and imagination and supports tactile development.

Playfoam is the squishy, squashy, shaping toy that never dries out, so the sculpting fun never ends.

Set of 10 Build-A-Snowman packs in three assorted colours. Each pack has glittery white Playfoam, one carrot nose, two eyes, two arm branches, three buttons, one hat and one scarf.

Each pack measures 25cm L x 18cm W.

Check out more squishy, squashy shaping fun with Playfoam, the creative play sculpting toy that never dries out!

Build a snowman - playfoam