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Bumper box of super fun fidget toys! Inside is a mix of 24 items, all of which are designed to occupy fidgeting fingers with something that's hard to put down. Each of the items included is a popular bestseller in its own right, so this bumper box offers staggering value for money. It's also a huge time saver for anyone who needs a stash of toys for a party or event.

A full list of contents for the Fidget Box can be found below.

Box of 24 fidget toys including:

Four sticky crawlers

Heart push popper

Two bendy fidget tubes

Four woven boink bouncers

Two fidget tracks

Four football finger spinners

Two stretchy unicorn bracelets

Pea pod push popper

Two stretch ropes

Spinning top

Puzzle cube

Bumper fidget box

SKU: 5021813210832