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Beautiful Djeco wristwatch in pink with mint blue buttons and a twisted, colorful print on the dial.

The Djeco wristwatch has an octagonal, digital dial with four buttons on the sides that control its settings and functions. The wristwatch has both a light and a stopwatch function. It is of good quality, 5 ATM waterproof. The wristwatch runs on batteries, which are included.

The circumference of the wristwatch in the different settings:

1st hole: 13.5

2nd hole: 14.2

3rd hole: 14.9

4th hole: 15.6

5th hole: 16.3

6th hole: 17.0

7th hole: 17.7

8th hole: 18.4

9th hole: 19.1


- Length: 21.5 cm

- Width: 1.4 cm

- Dial D: 3.4 cm

Djeco digital watch - pastel volute