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Expressive journal for children152 pages of magic120 days of undated journaling Suitable for 5-9-year-olds Form healthy habits with daily affirmationsMood tracker to articulate feelings Helpful strategies to support big or difficult emotionsExpress gratitude As with all Emily & Eve products, ‘This is Me’ Journals have been designed, created and printed in Ireland.As your little one grows so too does their imagination and ability to express emotions and explore their creativity. This magical little journal makes them the star of the show and is a safe space where little ones can express their feelings.‘This is Me’ gives children an attractive outlet to learn about themselves, manage their emotions and express their feelings with clever tasks, strategies, artwork and meditation.Like the Emily & Eve cards, positive affirmations are at the heart of this product and children are encouraged to write or draw a daily affirmation. The ‘This is Me’ journal complements the cards perfectly and is designed so that the child can choose an affirmation from the pack of cards or come up with their own.Our mood tracker is a resourceful tool which will encourage your little ones to express how they are feeling. The clever meditation included in the journal means your child can visualise their worries ‘floating away’.The daily gratitude ritual can be practiced with the child at bedtime. This encourages the child to write or draw the things that happened during their day that they are thankful for, promoting happy thoughts before they drift off to sleep. Science has proven that gratitude is a powerful tool that promotes a positive outlook. When we practice gratitude we release dopamine and serotonin - these neurotransmitters make us feel good and enhance our mood.The journal creates space for incredible bonding time for a child and parent. ‘This is Me’ also features pages to record the day they were born, things they love and space for the child to ‘interview’ a loved one about special moments in the child’s life. It serves as a beautiful keepsake and a much treasured addition to a child’s memory box.

Emily & Eve - This is me diary