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Fiesta Crafts recognises how important it is to ensure that children of all ages are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in productive ways. Creating multiple tales using the Finger Puppets will improve children's literacy and storytelling skills, while performing in front of a captive audience will bolster their self-confidence. The ideal toys to balance play with social, creative and emotional education, these finger puppets are perfect for little ones of all ages.

Why Children Love Finger Puppet Toys

These cute animal and character finger puppet toys provide the perfect blank canvas for your little ones to create wonderful tales of friendship, loyalty, and adventure. Children will love inventing personalities for the adorable puppets and with an endless number of possible stories to act out, the fun never has to stop. These one-size toys are soft to the touch and easy to use. They also offer your child the chance to navigate new skills (such as language skills) that could be applied to a range of real-life situations.

Finger Puppet Bedtime Stories

Your search for a great bedtime story can end here! Fiesta Crafts finger puppets can make a great addition to bedtime stories. Using the puppets just before bed, children can craft creative stories before continuing their adventures in their dreams. This will help keep your little ones interested and engaged with their bedtime stories and help to boost their creativity. It also means you don’t have to read the same old bedtime storybook every night!

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