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NEW! GUSTO Dino Cupcake Activity Set. A great way to combine REAL BAKING with decorating and playing, all in one box! This activity set contains all the tools you need to serve your own Dino Cupcakes on your own Dino Cupcake Stand, with REAL cookware specially developed for kids. Contents: 6 Silicone Cupcakes, Piping bag with nozzles, special Dino tails mould, Cupcake Display, Sticker Set and a Recipe Leaflet. With our activity sets we want to inspire kids to bake and cook!

Decorate, Bake, Play!

Real Cookware.

Serve your own Dino Cupcakes.

Includes a Decorate-your-own Dino Cupcake Stand.

All-In-One Box. Just buy the ingredients and you are ready to go.

Gusto Dino cupcake activity set

€16.50 Regular Price
€8.25Sale Price