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This box contains five thoroughly selected toys designed to fit the baby through an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a baby aged 6-12 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities.

Double-sided puzzle with different themes on each side. One side is a colour puzzle, the other side is a bunny puzzle. For colour puzzle, kids can do it freely with their imagination and creativity. For bunny puzzle, it will be a challenge to work out the correct pattern.

The pull animal helps children practice coordination and balance when they start walking. Designed as a cute elephant which can also be used as a role-play toy

Let children play with the gear game to experience the magic linkage effect. Move insects blocks, help little insects find the way in the maze and go back home, it can exercise children’s logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The sorting function includes three blocks in cute shapes with varying degree of difficulty.

Jabadabado play and learn box 18-24mths


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