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Pavement chalk in attractive colours that comes in a practical bucket with handles.

Looking for an outdoor activity for children that strengthens the senses, optimises fine motor skills and supports learning colours and shapes? With our colourful pavement chalk, you will have hours of outdoor entertainment in a single bucket. The colours and possibilities are nearly endless once you or the children get started. Easily wash away the chalk with water and start again with new, fun works of art, whether drawing on the driveway tiles or asphalt on the street..

On a hot summer’s day, chalk is a huge hit. The fun can take place freely under the open sky in the fresh air, and there are many games to choose from:.

Draw the classic hopscotch and jump through.

Race through a designated cycle track.

Practice both arithmetic tables and the alphabet right out on the tiles.

Play noughts and crosses al fresco.


Pavement Chalk isn't just for kids. For adults, drawing with chalk can be a relaxing activity that– can also awaken lots of pleasant childhood memories. With our different coloured pavement chalk, you can easily use the surroundings to create something creative. Every tile, from the driveway to the terrace, can be your very own canvas, where you can create beautiful works. This makes pavement chalk perfect for both adults and children who want a creative summer day out on the tiles or on the asphalt.

Jumbo street chalk ( 50 pieces)