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Whether your kids like the soft furry face, smooth eyes, tactile tentacles, springy hair or just the weighted feel of the pad, this is surely the lap pad that will have your kids sitting. In addition, this great little pad vibrates with just the pull of a string!

Size: 34cmx60cm. Made of felt.

Did you know vibration offers calming and organizing input for most people?

The activation of touch receptors and deep receptors is why massage is so relaxing and invigorating. The mouth and face have enormous sensitivity. By providing chew opportunities that involve vibration, very often a child can organize and calm down. It is important to allow individuals to explore vibration on their own terms and pace.

Whether an individual has hypersensivity or hyposensivity, vibration helps to “normalize” sensation.

Octopus pad

SKU: 5420057012231

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