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A forest with trees of height reaching the Moon, where you run towards the greatness. The young fir trees bow to greet you, and the tall pines joyfully wave their top of the tree in response to your smile. The fresh pine scent makes you feel a little dizzy, and your feet tingle with cones and needles. Your senses are heightened, and now the needled branches are laying a pleasant carpet of new sensations… Enjoy the fantastic touches of the coniferous forest with the ORTOTO Spikes massage mat!

We recommend to walk on ORTOTO massage mats with family and friends. With improved texture and size mats have enough space even for biggest feet. Share your impressions and improve your health with ORTOTO!

The ORTOTO’s massage mats are manufactured from premium quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) BPA and are Phthalate free. Mats are durable, easy-washable and will serve for many years.

Ortoto spikes single