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Play-Doh Air Clay Bakery Shop: With this set children can make a lovely and tasty looking strawberry themed cake thanks to the pink and red Air Clay. They can then display it thanks to the adorable little cake stand accessory.

Play-Doh Air Clay Burger Shop: Here at Spotlight we love a good burger and with this set, little chefs can whip up an epic-looking Play-Doh Air Clay burger and fries as it comes with brown and yellow Air-Clay. Plus, it comes with a little serving tray and a box for the fries!

Play-Doh Air Clay Candy Shop: Children will feel like a little Willie Wonka as they use the blue and pink Air Clay to make delicious-looking candy sticks and candies which can then be displayed on the fun little tray.

The Play-Doh Air Clay Food Kit is something we are very excited about here at Spotlight. With this, children can have fun making all kinds of cute and tasty looking food and then display it with pride. However, they are also getting a chance to flex those creative muscles and use those fine motor skills too.



Each set allows them to make a unique food item

Children who enjoy making things will love this

You do not have to worry about Play-Doh Air Clay drying out

Each set comes with a fun way to display it

Assorted. You will receive a random one. If you'd like a specific one, please let us know by leaving a note in the comment box during checkout. Subject to stock availability.

Playdoh Air clay foodie assortment


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