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With the Play-Doh Air Clay Key Chains Accessories set, children can be creative and stylish all at the same time. As part of the Air Clay range, children can bring these awesome creations to life and use them forever, they might even give you one of their creations as a gift!

What makes this Play-Doh Air Clay Key Chains Accessories set so much fun is that it comes with six different colours of the awesome and fun Play-Doh Air Clay! This is very easy for children to handle; shape and it is non-toxic so it is 100 percent safe for little creative types. With this, they can make all kinds of fun things. A few creative examples that Play-Doh offers with this set are a frog, a giraffe, a penguin, an elephant, and a tiger. That right there would be cool and even more fun once you take into the crazy eyes that are included to really bring each animal to life!

Playdoh Air clay accessory studio


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