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Extrude amazing creations to look like fun ice creams and toppings. Comes with plastic cones and popsicle sticks to display the end results. Use the piping extruder with 3 shapes of nozzle or a book mould to make an ice lolly shape. Sculpting guide is full of ideas. No baking needed. Air dry only Non Toxic Paintable

Play-Doh Air Clay allows you to sculpt clay art with silky-smooth modeling material & leaves you with a lasting clay craft when air-dried.

Treat your sense of touch and develop hand & finger muscles as you squeeze, roll, and mold the soft clay. Air clay does not require baking in a hot oven or kiln and instead relies on a much safer alternative: air!

This pliable, non-toxic option does not crumble or make a mess like traditional clay. It encourages kids to get creative in their sculpting journey and provides a crack-resistant keepsake. The clay can easily be molded to your imagination’s desire & artistic capability.

There are many things you can make with Air Clay, including keychains, accessories & pinch pots. Leave your finished creation out to dry for 24 hours to set your piece.

Parents & teachers alike love the versatility Air Clay provides. If desired, store your clay in its resealable container once you’re done playing

You clay will maintain its soft texture unless it’s left out to harden. The best part about this artistic product is its ability to be free of mess, but full of fun!

Playdoh Air clay ice cream creations