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Encourage the imaginations of little artists with the Play-Doh Air Clay Super Color Bucket. Kids ages 4+ are given the chance to sculpt the next colorful masterpiece or experiment crafting a colorful creation with 15 beautiful vibrant hues of Play-Doh Air Dry Clay, 10 molds, and 1 cutting tool, and 1 plastic roller. Accessorize a backpack or store a locker keepsake, Play-Doh Air Clay can easily go places.

Experiment, create, and preserve your most beautiful creations with Play-Doh Air Clay Super Color Bucket. Go big with this convenient bucket filled with 15 vibrant air clay color packs, 10 plastic molds, 1 plastic roller, and 1 cutter tool. Kids 4+ can enhance their fine motor skills and finger dexterity as they expand their creativity and imaginations with a variety of molds and tools.

Key Features: Kids 4+ 15 vibrant color air clay packs, each 6g.10 plastic molds. 1 plastic roller. 1 cutter tool. Includes instruction guide

Playdoh Air clay super colour bucket