Young children can run their own post office just like a real one with this fun, Pretend & Play set that encourages early maths, literacy, communication, and social skills through imaginative play.

Children can sort parcels, sell stamps, issue passport, fishing license and driver’s license application forms, take deposits, and engage in lots more fun post office-themed activities.
Children will get hands-on with early maths skills as they pay and exchange money through play. Young learners will develop coin and note identification, practice addition and subtraction skills and begin to understand money equivalences.
This activity set includes enough pieces for engaging post office fun that can be enjoyed time and time again. Pieces can be replenished using real word items such as post cards, envelopes, and stickers.
The tri-fold post office is easy to set up, can be wiped clean, and folds away for convenient storage. The
The 151-piece set includes tri-fold post office, post bag, open/closed sign, Bureau de Change with UK, Euro and US money, notice board, parcels, envelops, post cards, bank savings sheets, passport, fishing license and driver’s license application forms and more.

Pretend & play - Post Office