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Build an ordinary house, a castle or a skyscraper – teifoc building bricks offer young and old a real building experience.

100-% true to life! As the material for the bricks in our kits, we use high-quality, specially purified clay, which is kneaded, moulded in our brick works, just like real bricks, and fired in a through-flow kiln developed in-house.

Our special mortar, harmless to health, using fine, purified sand and maize extract, is also manufactured in our own mixing plant. Completely safe bricklaying for kids.

With the true-to-scale bricks in a wide variety of shapes, roofing tiles and lintels, as well as windows and doors, authentic architectural models can be built to plan.

Thanks to the special, water-soluble mortar mix, buildings and parts can be "demolished" by immersing them in water. Our bricks can thus be reused for new buildings without limit.



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