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Bring Scandinavian flair home. The classic Finnish hut comes from its eponymous home country of Finland. Also known as a Finnhaus, Finlandhaus or Nurdachhaus, this building can be recognized by its usual gable roof, which reaches to the ground.With its 160 components, the teifoc Finnhütte is a wonderful project gift for children aged 8 and over and adults who love to do handicrafts. The stone building set 5230 belongs to the "Builder" product group and is recommended for advanced users with the "Expert" level of difficulty. Stone building set newcomers in this age group should get the support of their parents, because together it is twice as much fun. In addition, this promotes a "we" feeling in the children, allows them to build a creative community and strengthens their social skills. The structure itself trains fine motor skills as well as logical and spatial thinking. A toy with educational added value.Thanks to 100% natural materials, it is completely safe to play with. Like the big original, the miniature bricks are made of clay and fired in our in-house brickworks. The water-soluble mortar made from sand and corn extract ensures repeatable assembly fun. If you immerse the miniature house in water for 4-5 hours, the stones will come loose and you can start building again.The teifoc GERMANY ® brand is designed, constructed and manufactured in Germany.



Difficulty: Expert

Includes mortar bowl, trowel and water-soluble mortar

Includes illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions

Trains fine motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity

Made in Germany