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Welcome to Sensorium, McTivities' Sensory Room. To ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all visitors, please read and adhere to the following rules and regulations:


1. Health and Illness:

- If a child or any participant is feeling unwell, displaying symptoms of illness, or has recently been sick, we kindly request that you reschedule your Sensorium session to a later date. This is to protect the health and well-being of all visitors and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.


2. Supervision:

- The maximum number of participants per session is limited to five.

- All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult or caregiver at all times while using Sensorium.


3. Footwear:

- For hygiene and safety, all visitors, including adults and children, must wear clean socks at all times while inside Sensorium. Shoe covers are also provided at the entrance if needed.


4. Safety Measures:

- Carefully supervise children to ensure they do not misuse or damage any sensory equipment.

- Report any malfunctioning equipment immediately to staff.


5. Cleanliness:

- Help us maintain Sensorium's cleanliness by removing shoes or wearing shoe covers provided at the entrance.

- Food and drink are not allowed in the sensory room.


6. Smoking and Vaping:

- Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited within Sensorium and its immediate vicinity.


7. Respect for Others:

- Maintain a quiet and respectful environment to provide a peaceful sensory experience for all visitors.

- Use low voices and avoid loud noises.


8. Time Limit:

- Please be mindful of other visitors' needs. Sessions are limited to 45mins per group to ensure equal access.


9. Personal Items:

- Store personal belongings, such as bags and coats, in designated areas outside Sensorium.


10. Hygiene:

- Please use hand sanitizer provided before entering Sensorium to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.


11. Sensory Equipment:

- Follow staff instructions for the safe and appropriate use of sensory equipment.

- Do not attempt to modify, tamper with, or disassemble any equipment.


12. Booking and Fees:

- Appointments are required for Sensorium use. Please book in advance.

- Any applicable fees must be paid prior to the session.

- If you need to cancel your session, please provide 24hrs in advance. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee.


13. Respect the Environment:

- Do not remove or alter any decorative or sensory elements within Sensorium.


14. Feedback:

- We appreciate your feedback to improve our services. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please share them with our staff.


15. Non-discrimination:

- Sensorium is an inclusive space. Please be respectful and considerate of all visitors regardless of their age, abilities, or backgrounds.


16. Animals:

- With the exception of service dogs, animals are not permitted in Sensorium.


17. Rules Subject to Change:

- Please note that rules and regulations for Sensorium are subject to change. We will make every effort to communicate any updates in a timely manner.


18. Liability:

- McTivities is not responsible for any injury, loss, or theft of personal items that may occur during your visit to Sensorium.


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