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Ideal for social emotional learning (SEL), help children practise managing their emotions and focusing their attention with this mesmerising set of colourful tubes. Shake a tube to mix the colours, and then watch them slowly separate back into their original colours. Tubes are securely sealed, and the square endcaps mean children can use them vertically and horizontally.

This set of 3 Colormix Sensory Tubes helps children focus their attention, practise quiet, calm engagement, and manage their emotions.

Each tube offers a relaxing experience as you shake the tube to mix the colours and then watch as the colours slowly separate back to their original colours.

Great for social-emotional learning (SEL) the classroom or at home.

Easy-grip tubes with square endcaps mean children can use them vertically or horizontally.

Tubes are securely sealed.

Set includes 3 Colourmix Tubes and multilingual packaging and Activity Guide.

Tubes measure 20cm H x 4.5cm W

Colour mix sensory tubes

SKU: 0848850114122