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1. What is Sensorium?

- Sensorium is a specialized sensory room at McTivities. It's designed to provide a unique and immersive sensory experience for children, offering various activities and equipment to promote learning, engagement, and relaxation.


2. How can I book a session at Sensorium?

- Booking a session at Sensorium is easy. Visit our website and navigate to the booking section. Choose a date and time that suits you, and follow the simple steps to reserve your session.


3. Are there age requirements for Sensorium visitors?

- Sensorium welcomes visitors of all ages, with a particular focus on creating beneficial sensory experiences for infants, toddlers, children, and adults with sensory needs. Our aim is to offer inclusive sensory sessions for everyone to enjoy.


4. How long is a Sensorium session?

- A standard Sensorium session lasts for 45mins providing ample time for children to explore and enjoy the sensory equipment. Longer sessions may be available on request.


5. What should we bring to a Sensorium session?

- We recommend comfortable clothing for children and adults. Please remove your shoes or use shoe covers provided at the entrance.Socks must be worn at all times. Food and drink are not allowed in Sensorium.


6. Can we book Sensorium for a group or a special event?

- Sensorium is a fantastic place for small group of up to 5. Contact us to discuss group bookings, and we can help you plan a memorable experience.


7. What are the safety guidelines in Sensorium?

- Safety is our top priority. Please supervise your children at all times. Follow all rules and guidelines posted within Sensorium. Report any malfunctioning equipment or concerns to our staff immediately.


8. Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

- We understand that plans can change. You can reschedule or cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more details.


  1. Is Sensorium accessible for visitors with special needs?

- Yes, we strive to create an inclusive environment. Sensorium is accessible, and we're here to assist visitors with special needs. Please let us know in advance to ensure the best experience.

Please note: We regret to inform you that, due to current building restrictions, our sensory room, unfortunately, is not wheelchair accessible. We understand the importance of inclusivity and are actively exploring ways to make our space more accessible in the future. Your understanding and support mean a lot to us as we work toward creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.

11. How do I leave a review or provide feedback about Sensorium?

- We love to hear from our visitors. You can leave a review on our website or on our social media platforms. We welcome all feedback to help us improve and better serve you.


12. Is there parking available near Sensorium?

- We have a number of parking spaces available at our location.


Certainly, here's an accessibility section for Sensorium: Accessibilty


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