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These scooters have very strong wheels making them very durable but also giving them the quickest turning radius making it easier for children to move. Moreover, ergonomic details are build into the scooters to allow students to easily kneel, sit and hold the scooters.

Encourages balance and motor planning

Develops strength in the core and helps to improve weak muscle tone

Helps kids estimate speed and distance

An ideal tool for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory and vestibular challenges

Good for:

upper extremity strengthening, movement, motor planning and vestibular activities.

heavy floor work using scooters can strengthen the hands and wrists.

strengthening can have a positive impact on fine motor skills such as writing and dressing.

Ideally suitable for children 6yrs and onwards.

Good to know:

Maximum weight limit 200 lb

The 4 wheels are securely attached via 4 bolts in each wheel.

Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

Scooter Boards for therapy should be used under adult supervision at all times.

Not recommended for outdoor use. Maximum user weight : 80kg.

Ergonomic scooter board


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