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This box contains five thoroughly selected toys designed to fit the baby through an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a baby aged 6-12 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities.

The wooden book is easy for babies to grip, and each page is easy to turn for small hands. Eight pages decorated with animal images.

Includes 3 balls and a wooden box for the balls to fall out and through. By seeing the ball disappear into the hole and then roll out of the box, babies will start to understand object permanence.

Use the one piece puzzle as part of the daily neck strengthening exercise during tummy time training. Designed especially for ages 6-12 months as it is just a 1 piece puzzle.

The bottom of the stacking teddy wobbles to promote innovative thinking. Stacking teddy contains colourful round stacking rings and a bear-shaped top.

The whale can be used both as a pull animal or as a little car. The toy has a cute whale shape and a handle that is easy for small hands to grip

Jabadabado play and learn box 6-12mths


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