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Meet ORTOTO’s set for the littlest ones! A very soft trail for the baby’s first steps. Set ORTOTO “First Steps” includes structures that imitate the favorite places for walks in nature – gentle grass and the rocky seashore. Soft and pleasant textures gently massage lovely feet, improves blood circulation, stimulate nerve endings, strengthen muscles and prevent flat feet.

Enjoy your massage weekends all around the year with ORTOTO massage mats set “First Steps”! The massage mats are manufactured by premium quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) BPA and Phthalate free which is:

+ Super durable

+ Easy-washable

+ Please for many years

ORTOTO massage mats:

+ Improve blood circulation,

+ Enhance imagination,

+ Promote flat-footedness correction,

+ Help to remove oedemas in legs

+ Develop the vestibular system

Set “First Steps” includes 8 puzzles:

2x “Grass” | Soft

2x “Stones” | Stiff

4x “Lucky Paws” | Soft

Recommended age: from 2 years

Ortoto paws for love