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The ideal container for messy, creative, and small world set-ups, this sensory play tray with removable compartments and lid was designed to help you create hassle-free sensory play experiences at home. No more attempts at lugging a tuff tray around the house or putting off messy play altogether!

With a deep tray, shallow tray (that doubles as a lid) and handy removable compartments, this versatile play tray gives you multiple ways to use it for activities and storage. Suitable for wet and dry play, it’s even safe for edible play - and great as a giant picnic tray.

Plus, it’s easy to clean, easy to move about, and easy to store. Designed to keep your sensory set-ups safe to be used again or act as an organiser for your play bits and craft resources.

The PlayTRAY is stackable too. Meaning you can have several on hand for a variety of activities.

Whether you’re new to sensory play or a seasoned pro, the PlayTRAY is the perfect tool to create a playful home. The ways to use your PlayTRAY are endless!

Deep tray

Shallow tray/ lid with silicone seal

6 removable compartments for play items

39cm/15.5" internal diameter, 43cm/17" including rim,

9cm/3.5" tall

Premium quality, white food-grade ABS plastic

Non-slip silicone feet on both trays

Contents not included

Inspire my play tray Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments &