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Do you have an aggressive chewer? If so, Super Chews may be for you. Unlike chewy tubes, these sturdy oral motor toys are highly sturdy and can stand up to aggressive biters. These safe, FDA approved, chew sticks are solid, yet springy enough for good oral motor stimulation.Super Chews come in two textures for added variety.The Green Super Chew has a smooth stem, while the Red Super Chew is textured with bumps to provide even more oral stimulation. This is a great chewy for autistic children!Help your special child keep track of their super chew with a clip or easily string it through a lanyard. The oblong handle is easy for young children to hold. This allows it to be a great on the go therapy tool.These chews are highly sturdy, but will break down over time and with heavy use. Please discontinue use of the Super Chew if there are any visible signs of wear.

Super chew