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BOX CANDIY® Totally Deco! String & Pompoms Art Set

No drama, just llama crafting adventures await with the BOX CANDIY® Totally Deco! String & Pompoms Art Set! Use the colorful rainbow string and pompoms to bring fun llama designs to life. Fluff up your llama art with the tassel maker and add frames to complete each art piece.

Includes: 4 artboard cards with peel-off paper, thin rainbow-colored string, thick rainbow-colored string, white string, pink string, approximately 40 pompoms, 1 cardboard tassel maker, 2 cardboard picture frames, 1 plastic craft stick, 1 sticker sheet and instructions, all in a fun keepsake storage box made from recycled cardboard.

Totally Deco - string & Pom poms

SKU: 4897099390053

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